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Foundations' counselors are knowledgeable and effective communicators of God's Word. We are available to help your event be successful by sharing God's Word practically to those attending. 

Foundations Counselors have spoken at churches, camps, retreats, breakfasts, seminars, conferences, and other training events.

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Whether a few hours, full day, or multiple days, Foundations can provide quality and biblical marriage advice to all.

Topics may include:


Conflict Resolution

Love & Respect


Praying Together

..and much more!



Foundations' counselors are pleased to be able to share Biblical Insight and Practical Wisdom at Men's and Women's Breakfasts, Women's Teas, and Pastor's Breakfasts.

Possible topics include:



Identity / Worth

...and much more!



There are many approaches to Mental Health. Our approach is to view mental health struggles through the lens of Scripture while seeking a greater intimacy with Christ in the struggles. 

Possible Topics Include:

Anxiety, OCD & Panic Attacks

Depression & Suicide

Avoiding Burnout

...and much more!



Foundations can train your staff,  elders, volunteers, or camp/lay counselors on how to help others using God's Word. In person or online, we can help meet your needs.

Possible Topics Include:

Child Abuse Prevention

Addressing Abuse in the Church

Ministering to the Depressed

Ministering to the Anxious

...and much more!


"Thoroughly biblical, well-prepared, and directly applicable"

"Our church is thankful for Foundation's willingness to present a marriage seminar for our couples. Since our marriages often don't receive individual counseling sessions or direct counseling from the pulpit, this was the perfect format to strike the balance and meet our couples' needs. The content is thoroughly biblical, well-prepared, and directly applicable. Your marriages will be encouraged and renewed through FCCS, whether by seminar or by personal counseling!"

Paul McMichael, Assoc. Pastor

First Baptist Church - East Stroudsburg

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